4 steps to a sales system that functions with or without you

Yesterday we talked about you stepping into Rainmaker Mode. Now we’re going to talk about how to transfer that role to others, if you need to hire a new salesperson one day. (But make sure you know the real reasons why you should NOT hire a salesperson right now before you make any decisions.) First, […]

How to create organic sales growth without hiring a sales person (even if you think you’re not good at sales)

We’ve probably all hoped at some point in our businesses that we’d hire a salesperson and they’d bring in a huge sales boom that shoots our revenue off into the stratosphere. But the real truth is that a salesperson is rarely the answer. A salesperson will rarely be able to jump onboard on their first […]

Why you should NOT hire a salesperson right now

You know that you’ve got a sales problem, so you want a salesperson to fix it. But that’s a very expensive mistake that a lot of people make. Here’s how that usually goes… You hire a salesperson, but they only last 6 months (maybe less)… You hand the sales over to them and let them […]