A new vision

What if you knew exactly how to generate any income amount that you desired? What if you knew how many people you needed to speak to in order to have the income you want? Better yet – knowing exactly where to find those people? Imagine the feeling of security that would give you. We want you to know that this type of power is not only available but also eventual when you are on the right path. Discovering what your strengths are with regards to prospecting and fine-tuning/tweaking your abilities will help you achieve this.

We encourage you to look at the art of prospecting and generating new clients as an essential & vital part of your small business focus. The good news is that with the implementation of a solid prospecting revenue stream – that requires a few hours per day of focus – you can have unbelievable success.

Stop trying different prospecting styles

Unfortunately, most people will try a style of prospecting and leave it long before they can truly discover if it works.

The prospecting cycle is usually made up of a series of steps – from the initial contact all the way through to the final step of achieving the sale. Each step is dependent on the one prior and therefore, if there is one step that you’re not effective at, it will radically change or eliminate the positive results you are looking for. The key to improvement is to first discover where your technique is not working and then to effectively make a change to a more productive technique. This trial and error process (the fine-tuning & tweaking) can take weeks or months to perfect. Regardless, your eventual results will surprise and excite you into more and more action.

Setting your priorities

Make a commitment to stick with a prospecting method until you have it working well for you. Quitting too soon will be a huge waste of your time and energy. Get the help that you need from experts in your industry, from coaches, or trainers that can help you fine-tune your techniques and processes. Your business and sales success will take determination and persistence. Finding one solid & predictable form of prospecting will ensure longevity, growth and prosperity in your small business. Remember: In most industries, it only takes one solid revenue-stream to create a viable and prosperous business. You don’t have to be an expert at everything to create the income you dream of.

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