Emotional benefits

Most salespeople are missing the sales techniques that help potential clients buy; they’re called “emotional benefits”. Emotional benefits help the potential client connect to the feelings that they will experience when they make a purchase. The benefit being the emotional gain that the client gets. Without these benefits, a potential client will have a hard time moving through the sales process.

The potential client logically understands what they want to buy (based on what they need) but then their emotions about the purchase kick in – and it’s the emotions that will ultimately need to be managed by the salesperson. At some level – the emotions and logic need to match

Potential clients buy based on emotion?

That’s partially true. Potential clients buy when the emotions and logic click together and match. In the sales process, we need to ask ourselves, “Does that really take place with what we are seeing with this client?” You may find that it does, but only occasionally. It doesn’t happen all the time. That can really leave the whole process distorted. 

As small business coaches, we got down to the raw core of what we understand about the sales process and simply put: The sales process is not about manipulation. It’s really about guiding the potential client through the process of getting what they want.  Our job as salespeople is to do just that. We need to understand that this is the thing that will ultimately make things happen.

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