3 simple skills for coaching employees to their potential

Coaching helps your employees become aware of what needs to happen AND buy in. It encourages personal engagement and empowers the employee to have personal control over their performance. It’s not about telling them what needs to be done. It’s about helping them find their own answers. Whatever they end up doing will be more […]

How to lead your employees: the hidden process of great leaders

When you ask how to lead your employees, some people will say, “you’re either a leader or you’re not.” UNTRUE! “Leaders are not born. They’re made.” That’s a quote from Vince Lombardi and it’s very, very true. Even so, you’ve possibly thought, “I need to be a better leader,” but not known what that means […]

How to manage employees in a small business (6 practical steps)

Employee management can be hard. It’s one of the biggest things we all struggle with as small business owners. But here’s the thing: Your business is like a children’s playground. You put up the fences around the playground so that it creates a safe space, then you let the kids play & everyone can relax […]