The child prodigy

Have you ever seen a child prodigy – perhaps playing a piano in a symphony orchestra? He or she is five – or even as young as three or four – and it’s unbelievable what they are capable of. How can a child have the ability to do that? Our history is full of people who are like that. How can it be that some have so many things going for them at such an early age? What makes that individual at five years old so brilliant? 

Actually, we are all that brilliant. Every one of us has experienced high achievements in our lives – gold medal performances & standing ovations in some form or another. It’s social conditioning and the way we are programmed that eventually slow us down. You see, with that little five year old, someone simply forgot to tell him that he couldn’t do that. So, he just did what came naturally and nobody stopped him. 

Did he practice? Yes. 

Did he learn it five times faster than any of the other kids? Probably.

Did he always have a natural inclination for it? Yes. 

Did they let him do it? Yes.

Did they tell him he was brilliant? Of course they did. 

They must have given him all the applause and re-enforcement, but more importantly, they never stopped him and that was pivotal. 

Every one of us has that ability to do exactly what our heart desires. If you are a small business owner, perhaps it’s a desire to make 3 times as much money without losing your identity in the process. It’s time to break through your ceiling and think about how that would feel.

What’s stopping you?

The only thing that stops us from reaching our full potential is ourselves. The biggest step we have to take is to explore within. Would it surprise you to learn that every day we are given opportunities to try and reach our full potential? Embrace the fact that the potential is already inside of you and you only have to discover what it is that is holding you back. 

That is the key.

If a small business owner only had a playbook to navigate through the things that are holding them back from achieving their natural greatness, there would be no stopping them from doubling their business. Coaching can provide the playbook.


As coaches, we help small business owners discover what is holding them back and we tackle it together. There are seven different areas that could be holding you back and each needs to be explored. When we find out exactly what it is that is truly holding you back – and help you to learn to navigate through it – you will have a breakout! It’s that simple. 

Breakouts look like this: A small business owner is travelling along at perhaps 85K a year – been doing it consecutively for years – and after working through their internal limitations, they sky rocket. That is what we call a breakout. Sometimes people see themselves at a high level, but they are preforming at a much lower one. It’s painful & slow and there’s something that is preventing them from getting to where they want to be. They know that they are supposed to be producing at top level – and they know that they can do it – but there’s something that is sabotaging it. When we discover what the barrier is and give them the tools to break through it, they will reach their full potential in a heartbeat. Nothing will be able to stop them because they are already there in their mind’s eye.

Then, as we continue with coaching, we can tweak & refine the techniques & skill sets introduced so that they stick. Somewhere between 9 and 18 months, things just take off. The internal limitations have been removed and nothing will stand in the way of success.

What happens when we find something that doesn’t work? What do we do with it? We throw it away. The right coaching can assist in achieving a higher level of success. We take your success quotient (SQ), peel back the layers, and discover the things that are hindering growth. This could include either thought processes or physical actions. Sometimes, people do certain things to self-sabotage because they have been emotionally triggered in some way. We will find out why and work through it.

When the break through occurs – Wow! It’s smooth sailing, until the next little ripple occurs – a great opportunity to practice the skill sets provided so that this new problem can be conquered too.  

What have we learned as small business coaches?

We have coached hundreds of clients – all looking for the answer to this question: How can I achieve success in business?

Here are a few things we have learned along the way:

  • Success is a ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­process, not a destination.
  • Our past training, schooling and upbringing dictates our understanding of our success path.
  • The principles of success are universal; the application is personal.
  • The price of success is non-negotiable.
  • Success has a pattern and is predictable.
  • Your success pattern is reproducible.

So, what’s holding you back?

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