You know that you’ve got a sales problem, so you want a salesperson to fix it. But that’s a very expensive mistake that a lot of people make.

Here’s how that usually goes…

You hire a salesperson, but they only last 6 months (maybe less)…

You hand the sales over to them and let them go do their thing. At first, you enjoy your freedom. You feel like you’re accomplishing a lot of different things that you wanted to get done.

Everything is great, until…

Months end comes around… 

And you realise that you have no idea what your salesperson has been doing…

…you have no idea how they’re representing your brand…

…and your bank account is getting skinny because you’ve been paying $4,000-6,000 in wages every month with practically no new sales to show for it.

Now you suddenly realize that your salesperson isn’t going to make it in your company.

So after you part ways, you lick your wounds & hire another salesperson.

And the exact same thing happens. 


We see this happen with our clients all the time. Unfortunately, it’s more normal than you’d think.

Over a year, that’s somewhere between $48,000 and $72,000 in wages that don’t bring a return on investment.

And the wages are actually the smallest loss to the business…

…when you add on benefits, tools and training…

That could honestly be over $100,000 in mistakes.

But the biggest loss is all the opportunities that are coming to your business & not being taken advantage of.

It’s kind of like closing the doors to your company, not letting in any new clients, just doing your existing business & yet all your expenses stay the same. Most businesses can’t sustain that.

It’s a big jump in the wrong direction.

That’s why this is so important.

Plus, the emotional labour on you, as the business owner, of finding, choosing & hiring this person. It drains your energy. 

It’s a massive distraction that takes away from growth.

So why does this happen? Because…

You can’t completely outsource the sales process and step away.

You have to manage it.

The idea that a salesperson will solve all your problems & help you step away is a MYTH.

So what should you do instead?

You need to step into Rainmaker Mode. Small businesses organically grow because the owner is in Rainmaker Mode.

It’s the in-between growth phase between micro-business and BIG business. But it’s a growth phase that you can’t skip (at least not without massive injections of cash, like startups do).

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