Managing time more effectively

Managing time is like grasping the wind. You can’t do it. What you can do is manage yourself. Self management is a key component in moving your small business and sales forward. Since this skill set is complex, let’s only work with the first step: How to have a productive morning.


You need focused time to build your business and sales

The morning is the perfect time to accomplish all the things that will help to build your small business. If you start in the morning, before your day gets busy and you become distracted dealing with the day to day functions of running your business, you will get done the main things that ensure the health of your business. The key is to not allow anything to distract you. That’s right – turn off your e-mail, no social media, no surfing in internet, and especially no incoming calls – all that can wait. It only takes two hours every day to raise your small business. Keeping this time to work on building your small business growth will definitely pay off. 

As small business coaches, we continually encounter people who are so busy with the urgent things that pop up that they have lost focus on what is important to making their small business successful. Keep this time as a must do action. During this time, you need to accomplish the three power actions that will help to build your business.


Coaching tool – develop a productivity power trio

The power trio is made up of these components: Skill Building, Revenue Generation, and Follow-up. 

Here’s what you need to know to build your productive morning:

  1. Skill building – 30 minutes

Take time every day to develop better skills and also practice your dialog for interviewing and contacting potential clients. Work on this just before you interview any clients, so that you’re warmed up when you actually talk to them. If you don’t have a sales process in place yet, take the time to develop one and then begin to practice it.

  1. Revenue generation – 60 minutes

Consistently dedicate one hour each day toward generating and interviewing new potential clients. This is the time you use to find and research those new clients that are needed in order to keep the sales momentum going. You can do this over the phone or in person. If you choose in-person, use this time to book those appointments and make sure to allot additional time in your day – outside of this time – to meet with those people. Consistent action over a long period of time leads to the business growth you have been dreaming of.

  1. Follow-up – 30 minutes

Return all calls or emails at the end of the morning, along with any follow-up you may have to do. Having a follow up system -and knowing when and how to follow up – is critical to your success. By limiting when you return calls, texts, or emails, you will have no interruptions to take you away from your morning focus of growing your small business.

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