Time stands still for no one

The passing of time can sometimes take our breath away. The simple truth: Time stands still for no one!  The complacency that sets in to our life happens all too easily as we become busy working in our businesses and on everyday life.  It may start with a lack of focus or intensity, then progress to a sense of coasting, and then may follow by all out lethargy.  In the end, we wake up one morning wondering where all the time went.  The wind is gone from our sails and before we know it, our life has passed us by.  That’s why a business or sales person without a goal rarely accomplishes what they hoped for.  To fully live our lives we must master the leadership skill of engagement.

Living an engaged life

So what does it take to stay engaged in life?  Like, being really alive and filled with energy?  We must change our focus from the mundane daily routine and aspire to live our lives like we are on the edge of the cliff.  Let’s enjoy the view while we’re here and see the sights.  We’re not saying to quit your job or close your business to travel the world.  What we’re saying is that to truly live each day to the fullest, we all must live like there is no tomorrow.  Here are some ideas to help you discover the power of NOW and develop your skill of engagement.

Live your life by design

Remind yourself daily what is of top priority in your life and small business for you to have the future you dream of.  Don’t let the urgent challenges of today distract you from what you really want out of life.  Focus dictates your direction.

Know where you want to go

Not every opportunity is the right opportunity for you or your business.  The best way to know is to be clear of what you want to create in your life, then see if this opportunity will take you closer to what you are aiming for.  If it doesn’t, it may be the wrong opportunity – so keep looking.  Sometimes opportunities come and we are not ready for them. You will have to ask yourself: Is this is the right opportunity, but at the wrong time?  Jumping at an opportunity at the wrong time can slow you down or even push you backwards.

Embrace the moment

If you’re living your whole life focused on tomorrow, you miss the opportunity to live today.  We’ve seen people that just exist everyday and plan all their fun, excitement, and dream chasing for when they retire.  Unfortunately for some, the time runs out on their dreams as they struggle with failing health or other detours that show up.  Life needs to be lived today in view of tomorrow.  Embrace the treasures you have today and live in the moment:

  1. Let no shadow be cast on any opportunity.
  2. Forgive, and receive your healing.
  3. Love as a decision of your will.
  4. Make time to develop the simple pleasures in your life such as:
    • Reading a book.
    • Taking a bath with soft music and candles.
    • Calling an old friend.
    • Giving the gift of your time to some one.
    • Performing a random act of kindness. 
    • Enjoying quite time with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  5. Encourage someone in a time of need.
  6. Praise those who have been taken for granted.
  7. Reward even the smallest accomplishment like it was the greatest feat ever done.
  8. Rediscover the childhood wonders of life. 
  9. Take time to smell the flowers.
  10. Make fun and play your daily mandate.

The power of NOW is all about taking nothing for granted.  Don’t allow yourself to become desensitized to all the wonders you could experience every day in your business and life.

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