Reaction costs

As a small business owner, being in a state of reaction in your day to day business flow limits your income capacity.  When we are only reacting to the pace of our business (working with problems and putting out fires that seem to pop up one after another) we can find ourselves missing the opportunity to get the really important things done.  In coaching we will ask our clients, “Are you working on the urgent, or are you working on the important?”

Focussing on the urgent & missing opportunities

When you find yourself focusing on the day-to-day urgent problems that pop up, it is easy to miss the opportunity to guide and grow your company effectively.  Focus dictates where you will end up.  These urgent challenges need to be dealt with in context of the important overall focus of your business growth.

Most people will just take what comes their way, reacting to the pulse of business as it comes to them.  Unfortunately, reaction has a price.  You’ll be suffering with one of the following results:

  • You could be busy until clients stop coming to you, then have to wait until the next client shows up.  This waiting can be cyclical, it may catapult you into an extended slump, or last so long that you have to close you’re business.
  • You have a steady volume that keeps you running; eventually you’ll be suffering with adrenaline fatigue.  Adrenalin fatigue is an illness that can take years to recover from.  Managing your personal energy resources as a business owner is a must to achieve the results you want.

It’s frustrating and stressful not seeing results

It’s frustrating to work hard in your small business and not have the results you desire.  This frustration can make it hard to get up in the morning and move on to new things. It will take time away from those areas of your life that are important to you – such as family and friends, personal hobbies and recharge time.  Eventually your relationships and your life balance will be out of perspective.   All this extra stress increases the drain on your energy resources causing you to feel even more fatigued than before.

Reduce stress – stay focused

Take the time to keep on course. You succeed much faster in the long run .  When those challenges show up, try the following:

  • Write down you main goal and objective for the week.
  • When the challenge shows up, ask yourself, “Can this wait for 1 hour, 1 day, or will this really matter 1 year from now.  Asking these questions will help you get this challenge in perspective of your overall goals and objectives.
  • For those repeat challenges – find out what you can do to eliminate the problem.  As small business coaches, we know most of the problems that distract you will be reoccurring and you can change your process and eliminate most of them.

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