Intensity of Focus

As small business coaches, we understand the importance of motivation in any success.  Motivation is the power or fuel that enables us to accomplish great things in your life and business.

We’ve all experienced the driving force of a young child with a desire for something they want. The intensity of their focus can only be described as a fixation, fixed, or even set upon. When they are set upon or fixed upon something, you know how hard it is to change their mind: Tons of resistance in the form of temper tantrums, arguing, feet stamping and even full-scale defiance.  The resistance to change is enormous. However, if we stand back and look at this from the other side of the interaction, we would see the power of passion that is alive inside of that child.

Singleness of purpose

What if we (as small business owners) could stir our internal leadership with such a burning passion that it overrides all normal balance?  We could accomplish the impossible!  What usually stops us is our awareness of the extreme behaviour and our uncomfortableness when we break away from social norms and culture.  Singleness of Purpose – the type that is so compelling it gives birth to burning passion (just like a young child set upon getting what they want at all costs) – we can stir our internal passion to give us new resources to move our business and sales forward.

Building the intensity of purpose

There are a few actions we recommend as small business coaches to our clients who are looking to find their purpose or mission statement, we usually start with the coaching skill of building emotional connection

You need to feel it

Most people will have lost the art of connecting emotion to internal motivation.  We are so used to having bills, a boss, or other commitments to give us external stimulation that we may not know how to motivate ourselves internally.  Every great leader in sales or business will know how to motivate themselves internally.  This kind of motivation is frequently referred to as being driven. 

Being driven is the key to playing a bigger game

Without drive, a business owner, sales person, or leader will be unable to sustain motivation to make the big differences they want to in the world.  Being driven is part of playing a much bigger game.  People will follow someone with a vision who is driven to make it happen.  Set your mind on a vision that is worth chasing. Have the mindset that failure is not an option and that therefore, your vision must be.  Write your vision down and spend time exploring the emotional benefits you gain by achieving it every day until you know what it feels like to have it accomplished.  When this is emotionally rooted inside you, you will find you are so motivated to accomplish it nothing can stop you.  Now you’re driven. Success is only a little work away!

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