Everyone in your business has different ways of dealing with stress. While a situation may be stressful for one person, the next person may be affected very little.  We all have different stress capabilities and capacities for various situations.  The capabilities your staff have with regards to handling stress can tell you a lot about their resilience level (the barometer they use to navigate alongside the stress).  Few or weak resilience skills make it difficult for a person to handle stress. Knowing what level of stress they can handle tells you about the capacity they can handle.  People with high stress levels in other areas of their lives will have very little capacity at work.  Knowing what your staff’s capabilities and capacities are will help prevent meltdowns at those peak times.  You will want to review each person on your team and rate both their capability and capacity for the jobs they do.

The wrong person in the right place

Do you have the right people in the critical areas of your small business?

Do they have the capacity to do the high volume times without failure?

Knowing the answer to these questions can prevent one of the most dangerous times in your business growth – We call it the Perfect Mistake.  The Perfect Mistake happens when you have the wrong person in the right place that will cause the most amount of damage to your small business – like, instantly!  The Perfect Mistake seems to happen in a flash, but the truth is that it has been building up for many months.  Although it is preventable, it is almost always overlooked.  Busy business owners find themselves distracted by other urgent matters and miss the tell-tale signs.

Your staff management plan

  • Review each staff members’ stress capacity, the things that effect it, and how often things change.
  • Gage each staff members’ capability on a scale of 1-10 indicating highs and lows.  Notice what areas they need help with, so you can help them or direct them to the help they need.  Having new skills to help them with stress will be a great benefit to your small business and a worthwhile investment.
  • Develop your plan to help each staff member improve and grow so they can deal with stress in a healthy manor.

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