Leadership Hierarchy:  First impressions count

The flow of leadership is not decided in one single moment, it’s fluid and active. This is much different than an organizational authority flow chart for a company that is chosen once and seldom changes.

Each time a group or team of people meet together the leadership hierarchy and organizational structure will be re-organized. This is not a conscious choice by most people; it’s an unconscious re-adjustment of how leadership works within the team. So every time a new person joins the team, there will be a change in the leadership hierarchy. Any time a team member exhibits leadership behaviour at a higher level than what they currently occupy within the team, it will also cause a re-adjustment. This leadership change is called a leadership bid. Someone within the team is looking to place themselves in a higher leadership position. The bidding process for leadership allows any individual in the team to bid for a higher leadership level at any time.

Have you ever wondered how leadership is decided? Master Coach Rich Grof explains how leadership is decided in a business group or networking meeting. As a professional or business owner, are you aware of how you hold yourself in a room of your peers?

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