Success is predictable – rise to the challenge

Have you ever wondered how some people go through life building on success after success?  They seem to turn everything they embark upon into a winning situation.  It doesn’t matter what obstacles they encounter or what odds are stacked against them, they seem to rise to the occasion each and every time with a creativity that powers them over the hurdles.


Success is repeatable – push past the limits

In our practice as small business coaches, we see some of these people from time to time.  But, more often than not, we see the average small business owner who has risen to the challenge in a moment of clarity and inspiration and that moment will last in the memories of that client for a life time.  These occurrences seem to be hit and miss and when we ask them what got them over the hurdle, they are unable to tell us exactly what happened or how they managed to do what seems now to be far beyond their capability. 

  • What if we could develop the skills to repeat that fine moment of personal glory over and over again? 
  • What if we could push past the limits that hold us in mediocrity in our daily lives? 

Well, we can assure you that this is very possible and you can do it. 


Fear locks our perceptions

All it takes is a creative mind that can change the way we perceive the world around us and a fearless heart to push us forward.  It seems such a shame that we have such amazing mental power in our brains, yet succumb to living in perceptions that limit us due to the fears they create.  We perceive how life should be, what happiness feels like, what our best is and what is joyful.   It’s the glass half empty or half full syndrome.

Have you ever noticed how a child will walk around (everywhere) wearing their Halloween costume – like, all year long. That child is creatively experiencing the process (as they understand it) of BEING that character.  They have no fear, are not embarrassed in the least, nor do they think about what others think.  What if we could creatively experience our greatest day by BEING that fearless?  We believe our reality is sculpted and molded in our sub-conscience mind by the experiences we’ve had.  If we had a negative experience in a situation, and when it reoccurs we are likely to repeat the experience or the reaction we initially had all over again.  By creatively championing yourself, you can actually trick yourself into believing you have had a past success – not a failure.  Some have called this ‘fake it till you make it.’


Success is sustainable – take control of your thoughts

Taking control of your thoughts and programming yourself for success is an easier process than you may think.  We encourage you to start BEING your champion today.  Be fearless!  Rise above those perceptions that hold you back from your personal greatness inside and tap in to your creativity.  Be like a little child (walk, talk, breath, and be the part in your mind) and watch your life transform before your eyes.  Life’s too short to get stuck in any one place too long.  Remember, your future successes are calling to you! 


Here are three powerful steps you can do to be creatively fearless:

  1. Give yourself permission to do what you always wanted to do but felt it was irresponsible.
  2. Identify your biggest unrealistic fear and then develop a plan to conquer it.
  3. List all the things you would do if you knew that you could not fail at anything you did for the next 24 Hours.  Pick one and do it.

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