Change your client leadership – increase business profitability

For years, the sales cycle in business has been looked at as a matter of building rapport, handling objections, and selling the potential client. This type of business process, however, leads straight to an adversarial relationship between the business and the client.

Someone wins; someone loses – but what if it could be a win/win? We all know it always works best when it is a win/win, so how can we make that happen in today’s marketplace? Simply establish your small business as the industry specialist at what you do, and then educate the client on all the things you can do for them.


Increase credibility by becoming the industry expert

To be considered an industry specialist, we must have the knowledge that our potential clients are looking for and then be able to educate them on the benefits that they will enjoy. We all have a great story in our personal experiences of some business owner or sales person who took the time to set us straight when we were misinformed (they may have even told us they were not able to provide the product or service that we needed).  That type of integrity quickly builds trust and has us going back to them for any related information we may need.


Build rapid trust

The ability to rapidly build trust in business requires a specific posture, state of being, or leadership that communicates where we are coming from. Our personal style in building relationships will be our authentic way in communicating with the client. The main way to do this is to ask a lot of open-ended questions (the type that cannot be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’). Instead of asking them if they would like this or that, ask what it is that they would like.


Speak the clients’ language

To be considered worthy of being listened to, we must speak the clients’ language. We are talking to the emotional language the client uses to describe what it is they want.  When a client comes to your business, they will come with a request, a need, or a want.  How they describe that to you will tell you a lot about their specific language and the emotional importance it has to them. If you sell widgets and a client comes to you saying, “the last company I bought my widgets from ripped me off by selling me this cheap crap”. You can easily determine (because of the clients’ choice of language: “ripped off” and “cheap crap”) that they feel taken advantage of. Quality is obviously important to this client, so don’t show them the cheapest widget you have. It’s easy to get their attention when you are speaking their language. 


Adapt your sales style and win new clients

Don’t ever sell out to a process or script just because it works. Adapt it to your style of relationship building and ask open-ended questions to get the information you need.  Filling the clients’ requests will be effortless and easy when you tap into their language and they will then happily promote your business to their friends and family.

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