How to stop struggling with sales prospecting and increase your business growth

If you have ever struggled to find the motivation to start sales prospecting for new business, you know how hard this can be to overcome.  Knowing that business development is the life blood of every small business and that at times the best way to build your business is through making sales prospecting calls doesn’t help to get over the reluctance.  So how do you overcome this before your business suffers?

What causes the struggle to start sales prospecting?

Most marketing people (even seasoned sales people) will struggle with finding the motivation to start sales prospecting.  This can happen for a few different reasons, but most have to do with our internal thought process or how we are feeling about prospecting.  One thing that will help you is to have a clearly defined prospecting routine that includes all the necessary elements that will help you get into motion.

What is YOUR prospecting routine?

If you plan to be successful at sales, you will need work habits that will continually bring in new clients.  One of those habits will be a prospecting routine.  Your prospecting routine is a series of steps or actions that you perform before you start to prospect – which will get you emotionally and mentally ready to work effectively.  Some of the things to include in your routine are:

  • practicing of your scripts to get over some of the nerves that can show up when you start to prospect.
  • reading positive affirmations to get on the right track.
  • reviewing your goals for the prospecting session.
  • having an accountability partner to prevent you from being overcome with the resistance of starting.

So the next time you think to do some prospecting, make sure to plan effectively in advance to build your success.  With an effective plan, prospecting can be easy and absolutely do-able!

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