Your posture (and how to effectively use it) will increase your small business sales

What is your sales posture?

Your internal posture is made up of a series of beliefs that impact how you see yourself at a subconscious level.  These beliefs are like mini computer programs running behind the scenes that fire up when we are triggered or when we are in specific situations (much like when you click an icon on your computer screen to run a program).  Some of these programs can be highly productive and produce great results in your life and business.  Others are similar to computer viruses or incompatible programs that can mess up your productivity, stress your system, or just simply shut you down.  These programs collectively form part of a larger grouping that we call your Success Quotient or SQ. In a nut shell, what you believe will dictate your success.  This can show up as a posture or attitude with behaviors that communicate to others what you think and believe.  In your business, a strong healthy posture means getting more sales – and obviously that’s important.

The business coaching secret that can powerfully change your posture

Let us give you a secret that will help you posture yourself correctly and reduce any anxiety you may have about talking to people. Instead of you trying to get the client, put yourself in this mind frame: A potential client must qualify to work with you!

That’s right. Not every person you talk to is going to qualify to become a client.  It’s best for you to work with your ideal clients (the ones that will need your services and who want to purchase them at a reasonable price).  The reality is that based on your criteria, only a select few will fit the client profile that you have decided to work with.  The worst thing we could do with any potential client is to agree to work outside of our boundaries or talk them into working with us.  Both of these will lead to a dysfunctional and damaging sales relationship. 

Therefore, make sure to practice your sales interview so you know what questions to ask and develop a process that will help you groom your prospect to work with you. Having a solid interview process will convert into a higher quality of client, higher sales and more referrals; something worth working for!

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