In a crisis, how should a business owner lead?

Every day, business owners confront an onslaught of obstacles. These obstacles demand them to not only rise to the occasion, but also to solve problems. Even if these issues and obstacles were expected the resulting chaos is not. Recently we have had several large-scale crises. Some of them include, the real estate and stock market crashes, and the 2020 world pandemic. This sort of crisis offers a difficulty in that even top-tier business owners may find themselves unable to handle. Regrettably, their inexperience will cause them to make well-intentioned but terrible judgments in the heat of the moment.

What do brave business owners do in the face of a crisis?

Being a business owner amid a crisis is vastly different from being a leader in regular times. During a crisis, the ordinary business operates smoothly. When a crisis strikes, employees and structures crumble. As the owner of the company, you are left in a situation of bewilderment and uncertainty. If you have the correct focus, you can manage a crisis circumstance. You will need to step up your leadership in order to accomplish this. When working in an emergency, having the courage to lead others is a great place to start. True leaders will stand up to the plate in the face of a crisis. Then confront the issue front on.


Your leadership skill will make or break you.

Your leadership abilities may have never been put to the test before. Your leadership will be amplified by this situation. It will reveal flaws in your leadership style, even if you are slightly off. It will reveal how you are actually thinking and feeling at the moment. It will demonstrate your true character. It will assist you in bringing out the champion within you. It will also reveal a lot about how your team responds to quick change, crisis, or the prospect of a catastrophe. You will also discover what emotional and resilience resources they have available if needed.


To be successful during a crisis, you must act with strong leadership. 

  • have a clear idea of the steps you need to take as the leader of your company. 
  • understand what your employees are going through.
  • understand what they will require from you. 
  • be aware that you may require additional leadership skills to better manage this situation.


Without a thorough insight of these elements, your chances of surviving a crisis are slim. The capacity to swiftly and frequently change your leadership style will be the most critical talent to have. There will be fallout if you make a mistake and continue to use the improper leadership style. It will harm your capacity to lead. Each leadership style is best suited to a certain scenario. Consider it a tool. You would never pound a nail with a saw. That would only lead to frustration and, ultimately, failure. Use the appropriate tool or expertise for each occasion.

What happens when a business owner is overwhelmed and stressed out?

A business owner is frequently overwhelmed during a crisis. They may find themselves in a situation where they are so overworked that they must take time to control themselves. While this is a typical occurrence, they may experience feelings of overwhelm. When their staff is unable to cope, business owners may opt to withdraw from them. This is a mistake. People will become enraged and lose faith in their leader if they are not lead effectively. It happens fast. We have all seen political leaders become overwhelmed during a crisis. When they do, they must relinquish command. They have either vanished or been unable to lead their team in order to self-manage. It is a terrible leadership blunder.

It is critical to recognize that genuine confidence is a significant contributor to your leadership. It is essential for any business owner. This genuine stance can let you escape even the most tough situations. Your workers must believe that you are trustworthy. In times like this, a strong leader’s ultimate goal is to provide stability and security. This will assist the personnel in remaining calm. They will then be able to help with the recovery operations.

The most important thing to remember in a crisis is that you are not just the owner, but their leader as well. Everyone is yearning for direction and guidance. Make it brief if you need to collect your thoughts to avoid overwhelm. Then return to command the team. They must believe in your capacity to maintain your cool and lead them.

More crucial information and tactics to assist you lead yourself in times of crisis will be revealed in our upcoming blog Part 2, During a crisis, business owners need strong self-management skills (insert link).

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