We’ve probably all hoped at some point in our businesses that we’d hire a salesperson and they’d bring in a huge sales boom that shoots our revenue off into the stratosphere.

But the real truth is that a salesperson is rarely the answer.

A salesperson will rarely be able to jump onboard on their first day and start bringing in the sales you want or need. It takes time to build up their expertise in your business & your market before you’ll be able to take full advantage of their skills.

Instead of a salesperson, you need a Rainmaker. Because…

Small businesses organically grow when the owner is in Rainmaker Mode.

Only YOU can be the Rainmaker because you’re the person in your business that knows the most about your product, has the deepest connection with your audience, and has the most influence & authority, etc

Without even realizing it, you’re the most persuasive salesperson on the team (even if you think you’re not very good at it).

Truthfully, if you got your business off the ground to the point where you’re able to even talk about hiring a salesperson, then you obviously have some skill in it. You’re the expert in the product, as well as the business. You know your stuff & you can leverage that expertise.

You have an easier time selling because you come from a place of knowledgeable industry expert. It’s an education role, rather than a desperate sales role.

Try to see it like a badge of honour.

Rainmakers are different to salespeople in the way they do sales. And they usually have better stats. They convert more leads into clients.

So what the heck is a Rainmaker?

Rainmaker Mode is an unofficial leadership role. You’re out front rallying the charge.

It’s like when Napoleon went out on the battlefield with his soldiers. They said when he was on the field, his presence was like 5,000 men.

The Rainmaker amplifies & energizes the work that everyone else is doing.

This is how you can have an impact and double your business in a year.

We hope you’re realising now that you’re already good at sales… but you do it in your own organic way.

And that’s why it works!

The role shifts and evolves. But it doesn’t go away.

The rainmaker effect stops when the owners (you!) think, “I’m big enough now, I shouldn’t have to do sales. I should be working on the business.”

The biggest challenge to taking full advantage of the sales coming from your Rainmaker Mode is this…

We need to make sure they have the right support team behind you so they can process all the sales you’re bringing in.

More than that, we also need to document your process so that we can replicate your success in the future when it truly is the right time to bring on a salesperson or two.

The Rainmaker’s method is not a transferable skill that salespeople can learn somewhere else.

You’ll never be able to bring on a sales team if we don’t document your process first.

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